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Many people choose to get their auto glass tinted for cosmetic reasons – but have you also ever stopped to consider the other advantages tinting can offer? Window tinting makes the interior of your vehicle cooler to travel in, reduces glare and increases both privacy and security for occupants. It can even help to protect the resale value of your vehicle by reducing fading of interior upholstery, carpets and dashboards.

Our Solutions

Serving Gilbert AZ, we supply and fit high performance tinting solutions to private and commercial vehicles. These high-quality films offer all the advantages of factory-fitted privacy glass and will be professionally fitted to your vehicle by our experienced technicians for an OEM look. Our high quality auto glass tinting solutions offer the best levels of performance on the market and are capable of blocking around 99% of harmful UV rays to keep you safe while driving. They reduce glare and block out light to keep your interior cool and reduce your reliance on air conditioning in hot climates.

Auto Glass Tinting Options

To maximize the exterior appeal of your vehicle, our window tinting solutions are available in a range of different shades and colors to suit differing requirements. We can offer light and dark smoke options, with all solutions being fully compliant with local window tinting laws.

Auto Glass Tinting